Your How-to for body exfoliation

Exfoliation is a very pivotal part of your skin care regimen. While it not only cleanses off the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, it also uncovers the fresh new cells beneath. Exfoliation will leave the pores open, allowing the moisturizers to penetrate deep into the skin and work their way towards good skin in the most effective manner, thus yielding the best results. The biggest benefits of exfoliating are that you are going to have a clearer complexion and will also get rid of a lot of dark spots that you have on your skin.

Exfoliation however, isn’t recommended every day but according to your skin type. Here’s what you need to know about exfoliating:

Use the right cleanser: The first step to exfoliation is to cleanse the skin. Choose a calming cleanser. Look for extracts of rose, lavender, chamomile for refreshed, soothed skin.
Exfoliation: As your skin matures the speed of the cell rejuvenation slows way down so you get a buildup of dead skin cells on the surface which makes your skin look dull. Clogged pores lead to increased production of oil. To combat that you need exfoliating lactic acid for instant complexion booster. Helps to pump fine lines to reveal brighter newer skin.
Steaming: Steam works wonders to your body. Since ancient times steam has been used for both as relaxation, hygiene and health improvement solutions. Steaming gives healthy body, hair and glowing skin. But taking steams too often might dehydrate your skin, as it may leave you with larger pores. Steaming is recommended not more than once in a month.
Mask: Using a mask or a clay for your body will help you get rid of the tiny unwanted bumps, blackheads, pimples etc. Look for a mask that maintains the ph. balance of your skin too. A great clay or a mask should reveal bright and soft skin.
Hydration: After this long process of exfoliation your skin needs to lock moisture from within. Choose a nice moisturizer suited for your skin type. Something that works on the imperfections while nourishing it.
The Do’s and Don’ts: Be careful while exfoliating your face because the skin is sensitive. Avoid over-exfoliating, which can leave the skin irritated and dry. Space out the exfoliation and give the skin time to heal. Always use sun protection after treatment and wear sun protection all the time. Also, don’t wax after exfoliating since it damages the newer skin that’s healing still.


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