Way to unlock sprint iPhone

Way to unlock Sprint iPhone

To purchase an iPhone via a carrier seems to be the most convenient way of buying one, but it has some disadvantages as well. If you wish to switch between these networks like 4G, you should meet certain minimum requirements and meander via hoops in order to unlock the phone. Though Sprint is difficult than that of the Verizon, Sprint is absolutely flexible when it arrives to unlocking your iPhone if it is seriously tied to Sprint.

Is it necessary to unlock my Sprint iPhone?

Unlike Verizon, which has got the simplest unlock policy, Sprint has very confusing policy with various rules that depends upon the time you buy your phone. Suppose you have purchased latest iPhone after 2015 (February), it automatically unlocks your iPhone for domestic purpose till it becomes eligible. You don’t have to approach customer service or make unlock request, because it operates automatically. Instead, the carrier will intimate you as soon as your phone becomes eligible for unlocking, and you must make an unlock request.

You don’t have to contact customer service or make an unlock request. Unlock will be applied automatically. If you purchased your phone before February 2015, Sprint won’t unlock your phone automatically. Instead, the carrier will intimate you once your phone becomes eligible to get unlocked, and you must initiate an unlock request.

Actually, Domestic as well as international unlocks are operated separately. Thus, you should ensure to complete both requests, else, you may find yourself with a phone that can be used internationally on any carrier but is still locked in the US.

How to unlock my iPhone on Sprint?

To unlock the phone, it is essential to follow the below criteria.

  • The device is absolutely Domestic SIM Unlock.
  • The device is usually active over the Sprint network for about minimum 50 days.
  • Ensure that device is not lost/got stolen, neither it should be engaged in fraudulent activities; else, the device becomes ineligible to get unlocked.

What to do next after unlocking iPhone?

When you unlock the iPhone, you can easily use your iPhone on another carrier by following the below guidelines.

  • Firstly, you need to switch-off your iPhone, and remove the existing SIM card from your phone.
  • Insert the new SIM card in the SIM card slot via different carrier, and restart the iPhone.
  • Once the iPhone restarts, you can simply follow the on-screen instructions in order to complete the setup process.


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