Understanding the cost involved in a tax preparation service

Calculating the price of a tax preparation service can be daunting as there is no set price for the same. The tax professionals use a variety of methods and ways to set a price for their services. This makes it difficult to calculate and compare the costs of different tax preparation services. The price of the tax preparation service increases as the financial situation and tax return becomes more complex.

These tax preparation services often use different pricing methods for their services. Those who want to compare the prices of different tax preparation services can directly ask the companies the pricing method they use, or how the companies determine the prices. Companies generally tell the estimated price for tax preparation as well, however, it is generally difficult to get an estimate from any company unless the tax professional sees the tax issues of the client.

Some methods that the tax preparation service providers use are mentioned below.

  • A fixed fee for every single tax form or schedule
  • A fee that is based on the previous year’s fee along with an additional fee charged for any changes in the situation of the client’s tax
  • A minimum fee for tax return along with an additional fee based on the complication in the client’s tax situation
  • A value-based tax preparation service fee
  • An hourly fee for the time spent while preparing the tax return
  • A fixed fee for every item in data entry

A certified public accountant or a CPA advises that people should expect an average of around $273 for the current tax year. This amount generally includes the state and federal returns. The average fee usually drops to around $176 when the tax deductions are not itemized. This is because the itemizing of deductions is a time to consuming as well as a complicated process.

Those who don’t have a complicated tax situation can expect the tax preparation services to be less than normal. Those who have a very simple and basic tax situation can get their return files for free as well. However, this is subject to some income limits. The income limits can be learned from the IRS free file guide.

To calculate the cost of your tax preparation services, you can browse the internet and research about the inclusions in the tax preparation fee. Sometimes, there are extra charges for electronic filing, phone calls, or office visits included in the fee. Some firms charge an additional fee for the audit protection. To be more precise with the calculations, such details should be addressed.

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