Top myths about flannel sheets that need to be debunked

Flannel sheets are a type of bed sheets, which have been produced by rubbing the rough metal brushes on the thick base fabric, made of short fibers. In the making of these highly popular sheets, millions of tiny fibers get pulled away from its base, which makes the surface of the fabric feel fuzzy. As a result, uncountable number of insulating air pockets are formed through these. When an individual lies on the flannel sheets, the air pockets thus produced, accumulate and hold the heat generated by the body so that you feel warm and comfortable, no matter how cold it is. This is the most significant reason that makes the flannel sheets one of the most coveted bedding pieces in the colder regions.
Some people avoid buying flannel sheets owing to a host of myths, which have culminated centering these pieces. But the reality is entirely different from the popular beliefs and it is important to debunk these myths so that you can invest in these lovely bedding components. Here are some of the most common myths and explanations on how you may avoid them!

Comfortable for just a few minutes; then they make you sweat:
This is absolutely a misconception. If you prefer your regular bed sheets just because you feel too hot under your flannel sheets or Pendleton blankets, there could be possible reasons behind it, which need to be corrected. Sometimes, it a person might mistakenly choose a very thick comforter or blanket. The best way of mitigating this problem is to wear a lighter or thinner blanket. Also, using a micro flannel may make it difficult for your skin to breathe when the weather is not so cold. In such instances, using a cotton flannel can be your best bet. But there are times when you have been using your blanket or comforter for nearly a decade and its qualities are much reduced. It is time to replace them so that you can enjoy the cozy and snug feeling all over again.

Old flannel sheets or Pendleton blankets are too soft to be replaced:
This is absolutely a myth; your old flannel sheets feel soft just because the pills comprise high-quality cotton. But it is also important to note that the sheets no longer have the air pockets which can make them warm right at the moment. It could be so that you are contented with your old flannel sheets even though you have been using it for years together. Replace it with a new comforter or blanket made of flannel and see the magic happen. It is impossible to figure out what you have been missing with your old flannel sheet. So get a new one and you will be surprised to see how warm and comfortable it is.
The benefits of flannel sheets are countless and with these few tips, you will be able to make the most of it.


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