Top must have machinery and equipment for every homeowner

When you have recently moved to a new home, it is absolutely natural to feel tempted to splurge on the wall paints, furnishings, and hoards of other things to boost the aesthetic value of your home. But there is one necessary purchase that you must indulge in before you shell out money on your new wardrobe or sofa: a large box filled with machinery and equipment that can serve you for many small DIY jobs in the years to come.
Even though having a large collection of machinery and equipment may sound intimidating, there is no harm to start on a small scale. Here are a few of them that you must own.

Compound miter saw
Commonly referred to as a chop saw, the compound miter saw can chop down lumber across the grain. It can be used for an endless number of projects as the machinery can handle everything right from crown molding to baseboards to trimming. It can be used for measuring the cross cuts, bevel cuts and angle cuts very precisely without any problem. Even though it may appear absurd, this equipment can allow you to frame an entire house effortlessly.

Battery-equipped drill
Though it is cordless, the battery-equipped drill is an extremely powerful machinery which comes handy to move around on the job site. While drilling holes can drain the battery quickly, it can perform several screws in a single charge. Some models are also equipped with a clutch that can stop immediately before you reach the screw head, contrary to the screwdriver that comes with a cord.

Circular saw
A circular saw is a portable tool that has an endless number of uses. It can cut softwood, concrete, hardwood, stucco, ceramic tiles, glass, brick and even metals. Be it cutting the wall openings or making holes for the skylights or cutting the fence posts with the tool, it assures that the correct blades can help you get your project done.

Highly maneuverable and extremely lightweight, the strength of the jigsaw lies in how effortlessly it can cut the curves and plunge cuts. You can cut holes with the jigsaw for the sinks and minute holes in the cabinets for installing electrical plugs. It is also perfect for different craft projects which require large scrolling and fretwork designs.

Table saw
The table saw can help you rip the lumber pieces as per the required length along the grain while making the required angle and chop cuts. You will just have to set the depth and angle on the blade, and then simply push the wood with the help of an adjustable guide so that you can feed in a straight line. While you should never try cutting plywood sheets with the table saw, you can use it for a variety of purposes such as sawhorses, workbench, and ground.

Starting with these few machinery and equipment, you can easily extend your collection by adding members like the air compressor, planner, palm sander, band saw and a lot of others.

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