Top four reasons why you should buy pressure cookers

Pressure cookers that are available today are very safe to use, which have made them immensely popular among the new homemakers. If you have not yet started cooking in the pressure cookers yet, you are definitely missing out an innovative way of cooking. It could be that you are absolutely contented with the existing utensils and cooking devices that you own, but there are numerous compelling reasons why you should invest in the best quality pressure cookers.

Cooks faster and saves time
Is there any homemaker who relishes slow cooking after a hard day’s work? The pressure cooker cuts down the time of cooking considerably and helps in saving 2/3rd of the time taken in cooking. For instance, cooking dried beans in the pressure cooker will not take more than an hour. It is no way comparable to the overnight soaking of beans along with 2 to 3 hours of cooking in the regular oven. Slow cookers take about 4 hours to cook ham or bacon stew, which can be reduced to 30 to 40 minutes in the pressure cookers.

Cuts down the monthly energy bills
Pressure cookers are more energy effective than other cooking methods, owing to the fact that they use trapped steam for cooking rather than expelling the steam into the air. Besides taking lesser time, the pressure cookers use less energy for cooking any dishes, which in turn helps in reducing the energy bills. Today, there are multi-pressure cookers, which will spare you from buying other appliances such as steamer, rice cooker or slow cooker.

Prepares healthy meals
Many of us make New Year’s resolution of eating healthy, but are compelled to walk out of the challenge due to hassles of cooking. But the pressure cookers can help you cook the dishes, which are healthier for the kids and the elderly alike. There is a common misconception that the high heat used in cooking in pressure cookers ends up destroying the nutrients of the foods. But it has been proven by scientific research that the food that have been cooked under pressure retain more vitamins and minerals than steaming, boiling and frying. This is because the time taken for cooking is shorter and the trapped steam never allows them to escape.

Keeps the flavors of the meat intact
Do you want to make meat more delicious and rich in flavors? The additional amount of heat used in pressure cookers aids in caramelization as well as browning of the food. This causes the inherent flavors to be trapped within the food, and when you eat them, these flavors melt into your mouth. Most people love cooking in pressure cookers since they can cook moist, tender and delicious dishes in a very short time.

These reasons would definitely compel you to bring home one of the top-rated pressure cookers without further delay.


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