Top 5 Causes of Swollen Ankles and Feet

Multiple factors could cause swollen ankles and feet. In most cases, it is neither a permanent problem nor an issue that has long-term implications for your health. However, swollen ankles and feet are bothersome and uncomfortable for many people. One needs to take some measures to reduce it. As the pain and swelling go down, people can return to their day-to-day activities. Let’s have a look at some causes of swollen ankles and feet.

One of the more common causes of swollen feet and ankles, in this condition, fluid gets trapped in the tissues of your body. Patients with edema experience swelling and puffiness under the skin of their legs, feet, and ankles. It can also have an impact on their hands and arms. Mild edema cases will go away on its own. Here are some symptoms of edema:

  • Difficulty in walking
  • An increase in your abdominal size
  • Shiny or stretchy skin

Pregnant women often deal with swollen ankles and feet. During pregnancy, the body increases water retention and starts producing more blood and other body fluids. Pregnant women might also have to deal with swollen ankles in the evening if they are on their feet all day long. Usually, women start getting affected by swollen ankles after the 5th month of their pregnancy.

Consuming excessive alcohol is one of the major causes of swollen ankles and feet. When one drinks an excess amount of alcohol, their body starts to retain water which causes swollen ankles and feet. However, this issue goes away within a few days. If it does not, then individuals should go to a doctor as soon as possible.

Hot weather
If you stay at a place where the weather is generally hot, then you can experience trouble with swollen ankles quite frequently. Due to the expansion of one’s veins in the heat, fluids go into the nearby tissues. People with circulatory problems are more prone to this condition.

Injuries to your foot such as sprains, strains, or even broken bones can cause swollen ankles and feet. When you injure your foot, blood rushes to the affected area and causes swelling. Through RICE (Resting, Icing, Compression, and Elevation) treatment, one can avoid this situation easily.

These are the top five reasons for swollen ankles and feet. Generally, this problem goes away within a few days. In case it does not, consider getting medical advice.

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