Top 3 laptops of 2021

In today’s time, smartphones are so smart that they contain everything a laptop does. Yet, it cannot replace a laptop. It is inconvenient to write lengthy emails and sometimes even process documents on the phone. The best laptops of 2021 have different processing systems, programs, and features that suit different needs. It may become difficult to choose which one is best for you among so many options. Here are the top 3 picks.

1. HP Spectre X360 14
One of the best laptops of 2021 is the HP Spectre X360 14, equipped with the latest Intel’s 11 Gen processor and Iris Xe. It has 10 hours of battery life with a 3.2 display and FHD resolution. It even comes with a stylus that fits magnetically on the side of the Spectre. It has got a smooth touchpad, soft keyboard, and bass-heavy audio. It is an expensive option, as it is priced at about $1,400, and people may find better alternates in the market at a lesser cost.

2. Apple MacBook Air M1
Apple has a league of its own when it comes to MacBook, and this one is a class apart from all its previous counterparts. Loaded with Apple’s silicon processor that replaces Intel chips, this move makes the laptop’s speed much faster. The MacBook Air M1 has the longest battery life compared with other Apple laptops at 14 hours. You can now run iOS and iPadOS apps on the MacBook. This one’s got a color-accurate webcam, a butterfly-style keyboard, and amazing sound supported by Dolby Atmos audio. Prices range from $900 to 1,150 depending on storage.

3. Dell XPS 13
What makes this one of the best laptops of 2021 is the 11th Gen Tiger Lake processor by Intel. Compared to its previous models, the XPS 13 has a compact frame, InfinityEdge on four sides, and a bigger keyboard. Packaged with Thunderbolt 4 and WiFi 6, this one has a better performing CPU, graphics, and longer battery life. With the Iris Xe GPU, individuals can play specific AAA games but on low settings. Prices range from $950 to 1,650, and if you order from its official website, you can save a few extra dollars.


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