Things you need to know about a German shepherd puppy

German Shepherd puppies are no doubt irresistibly cute. However, you must never bring a pet into your home out of impulse. Bringing up a puppy requires commitment and care and is as good as bringing up a child. If a German Shepherd is what you want, here are a few things you must know.

German Shepherds are a medium to large-sized breed which are famous as working dogs. They are intelligent and obedient.

It roughly costs three thousand dollars a year to feed, groom and care for a German Shepherd.

German shepherds are not friendly with everyone they meet. They are usually ‘one person’ or ‘one family’ dogs. They are always suspicious about new faces. Sometimes they choose any one person in the family to be with. This can be saddening for others but it’s their nature.

They have a tendency to bite. Hence, German Shepherds are not always safe around children as they can become the unwanted victims. You must teach your puppy that biting is not a good habit. You can provide it with chewy toys to get rid of the habit.

If you are uncomfortable with someone following you all the time, then German Shepherd are not a good option. They will follow you every time and everywhere, even to the bathroom. They like to track your business. It will also cut down the cost of security of your house. They are pretty good in their job!

You must like to have hair everywhere or you will not be able to keep a German shepherd. They have a double coat which means they shed twice as much as the other puppies. You will find hair on your clothes, bed, floor and everywhere. They are rightly called ‘German shedders’.

German Shepherds are rough players. They are not soft mouthed like retrievers or playful like smaller breeds. You may sometimes think that they are trying to kill other puppies while they’re just playing. Try to supervise your pet with other dogs and give it enough breaks between the play. Too much intense playing may cause harm.

You should train your puppy to be quiet when needed. They like to be vocal and this is a difficult habit to curb.

They are susceptible to many kinds diseases such as digestive disorders, skin ailments and allergies. You must be prepared for this and should be in touch with a good vet. You must take preventive measures to keep your pet healthy.

German Shepherd should be kept engaged at all times. They are extremely active and high on energy. They are apt contenders for training in canine sports and activities.


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