The real causes of a kidney infection

Kidneys are essential organs of the human body formation as the kidneys do the vital task of filtering the blood of waste materials and excess water to make urine. Ideally, one kidney is enough for human survival as it has enough renal tissue to complete the various tasks needed. However, a complication might crop up if the functioning of the renal tissue diminishes or any of the kidneys is infected or damaged. Let us look at the most common risk that the kidneys usually face risk from bacterial infection. If any of these parts get bacteria (most common culprit being E.coli) in it and if the bacterium travels up to the kidneys it can cause serious life threatening issues. Depending on the occurrence rates the renal infections are classified as follows.

  • Acute – This renal infection is localized inflammation of the renal pelvis and kidneys. It shows signs of blood and/or pus in the urine.
  • Chronic – Due to its high recurrent rates, this kind of renal infection might have a formation of peripheral abscess around the kidneys and actually damage them. It is more severe with fever, nausea, vomiting along with painful foul smelling urine.

Causes of a kidney infection

Let us look at the different ways in which the bacteria can reach the kidneys to infect it.

  1. Weak immune system – Here the bacteria from the skin enters the blood stream and then reaches the kidneys.
  2. Improper toilet hygiene methods – This might cause the bacteria to enter through the anus and stay in the colon eventually causing renal infection. It might also enter through the genitals and work its way up to the kidneys. Women are more susceptible to this kind of infection due to their shorter urethra.
  3. Incomplete emptying of bladder – This may be due to injury or illness, but it sure helps the bacteria to multiply and spread quickly in the bladder.

Apart from these any other conditions or blockage in the urinary tract or even the use of an external urinary catheter can cause kidney infections.


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