The best upcoming trend of lightweight TVs

LG made the pioneer attempt to produce a great innovation in the television market. Two years back that is in 2015, LG launched LG Display(LPL) with the following features-

  • 55-inch display
  • Thinness comparable to DVD
  • Weigh less than 4.5 pounds
  • High-definition display with OLED technology

Each feature is good enough to make a customer (updated with latest technological advancements) buy this LG Display ultra-thin TV model. But what is OLED Technology’??

OLED technology has whirled up a storm in television industry by leading to the production of lightweight TVs with thin and flexible high definition ultra-thin television displays. OLED displays are sourced out from carbon-based organic materials which have the potential of emitting light. This emitting light ensures fluorescent backlighting is avoided (All LCD screens have fluorescent backlighting) thus giving good contrast, saturation, and brightness.

The plus point of OLED technology is complemented by the following features-

  • Best Photo viewing
  • Perfect Contrast
  • Bright and solid Colors
  • FlawlessFine details
  • Smooth display Motion
  • Image Artifacts
  • LG never fails to surprise us !!

LG is the star of innovation, and it has uplifted our spirits by launching another lightweight TV model that is the LG Signature OLED W television.
Features of LG Signature OLED W television are-

  • 65 and 77-inch display
  • Thinness-2.57mm
  • Weight less than 5 pounds
  • High definition display with OLED technology

LG Signature OLED W television feels like`looking through a window into another world.’ It is magical watching through the screen of LG Signature OLED W television.

  • What is the importance of lightweight TVs?
    As the era of light-weightedness and compactness has peaked through our lives, it was necessary to accessorize the greatest electronic gadgets of our times.
    Earlier, television was the only thing through which we were connected to the outside world. The internet and computers came a little after the TV. Without innovation, television according to technological advancement would lead us nowhere.
    Similarly, OLED came into existence to manufacture lightweight TV, flexible and high definition ultra-thin definition system.
  • Best choice for interior design lovers
    Now with trendy furniture, latest architectural modern kitchen, attractive wallpapers and ultra-thin television system you have a complete way to go and design your house the way you want. Television wallpapers are the new trend biz in the electronic world.

Are you ready to follow the ultra-thin TV trend this fall?

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