The best GPS fleet tracking systems of 2017

If you own a fleet of vehicles and are planning to invest a significant amount to have GPS vehicle tracking systems installed in your fleet, then it is one of the best choices you have made for your business. Not only does a vehicle tracking system help cut operational costs and help you regain control of your fleet/drivers, but it also ensures a smooth running of your business. It also ensures timely delivering goods or services, thus helping the owner make sure that the drivers of their fleet of vehicles aren’t making unauthorized stops and are following the prescribed routes.

Listed below are some of the best GPS fleet tracking systems of 2017:

Verizon Networkfleet, with a price/vehicle per month of $34.95, hardware price/vehicle of $295 and installation cost of $65, has a complete range of features, including extra perks. The vehicle tracking system company offers a full specimen of GPS fleet tracking features, including tools that monitor maintenance, fuel consumption, safety, routes, etc. The software is easy to use and reports are easy to read. Its advantage is that the company has nationwide roadside assistance include, but suffers from the disadvantages that the hardware is visible to the drivers.

The high-quality Fleetistics is a comprehensive software with a plethora of features, such as excellent readability of its reports, sends alerts, reports, and has an interactive map, tracks high-quality data in order to reconstruct an accident, if need be, tracks stops and routes for each vehicle as well as provides safety information on every driver. Fleetistics has a price/vehicle per month of $25, hardware price/vehicle of $99.5 and zero installation cost, but has a $25 start-up fee.

NexTraq features some of the easiest to-read reports high-quality customer support and no vehicle minimum. The easy-to-understand software has a great interactive map, ensuring safety even in rough weather, can track the routes the drivers take and also the stops that they make, and also allows users to tell which driver is in which vehicle using the driver ID option. Moreover, the hardware is easy to install and doesn’t require a professional to do it, saving money and time. NexTraq has a price/vehicle per month of $34.95, hardware price/vehicle of $179 and zero installation cost, but has a $99/unit start-up fee.

Formerly known as ‘Track What Matters’, Rhino Fleet Tracking helps improve efficieny at lower costs by using GPS technology to track stops and routes made by each driver, allows driver to be dispatched to a new location easily, sends drivers turn-by-turn directions for a faster ride, tracks speed, mileage and amount of idling time for each vehicle, and allows generation of custom reports. Its advantage is that it allows monthly rather than an annual contract, but lacks driver ID and seatbelt wearing options. Rhino has a price/vehicle per month of $16.95, hardware price/vehicle of $39.95 and zero installation cost, but has a start-up fee that varies.


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