The 3 main signs of lung cancer

Lung cancer starts in the lungs of the patient. There are many different types of lung cancers including small cell lung cancer and others where the tumors may grow large even before any symptoms are seen. One of the most common causes of lung cancer includes smoking which makes this the most common form of cancer as per numerous medical studies and reports published by WHO. Lung cancer can also happen when a patient is exposed to second hand smoke, as in the smoke that is let loose from the cigarette of someone smoking in the same vicinity. Read on to know more about the three main signs of lung cancer and why they take place.

3 Signs of Lung Cancer

• Cough and Related Symptoms: One of the main symptoms of lung cancer has to do with cough. The body will be racked by constant coughing which will throw up large amounts of phlegm and blood discharge in certain cases. This persistent and painful cough will lead to a number of complications like pain in the chest which will come about due to the constant coughing action that makes the chest heave up and down. Further, the body will be in a constant state of fatigue because persistent coughing can drain all the energy out of a person. Wheezing and shortness of breath as well as a hoarse throat are some of the other problems that will emanate from this symptom, and the patient will be unable to have a normal appetite which will give rise to even more fatigue.

• Infections: One of the other symptoms of this condition will include the risk of falling prey to infections very easily. The constant coughing will leave the patient with a weak appetite and when one does not have a proper and balanced diet then the immunity suffers as well. This will lead to susceptibility when it comes to infections like pneumonia and other respiratory infections like bronchitis. This is also due to the fact that constant coughing usually activates the virus and bacteria which give rise to such infections.

• Skin and Bones: The other symptoms of this disease will also be seen on the skin and bones of the patient. The liver will have a hard time retaining its normal functioning which will lead to a yellowish jaundice like appearance on the skin. The yellowing skin is one of the signs of the existence of this kind of cancer, while persistent pain in the bones and areas like hips, legs, ribs and back will also point at the existence of the same. Also, the lumps or the lymph nodes present in the collarbone will be in a state of constant inflammation which may cause pain to the patient. When the tumor begins to spread to major veins, there will be a problem in transporting blood to various parts of the affected areas which will lead to inflammation and pain in those bones and muscles.


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