Super healthy party snack ideas for kids

If you are organizing a birthday bash, playdate or a pajama party for your kids, snacks for children should be the first thing on your list. Instead of ordering a pizza from an outlet or taking them to a nearby burger joint, you should prepare some healthy snacks for the kids.

Homemade healthy party snacks are not just nutritious but also super tasty, unique and fun to make. You can get your kids involved in the process so that you can bond and whip up some wonderful recipes together.

Here are some delightful and healthy snack ideas for kids that you can use for the kid’s parties.

Fresh fruit pops
Homemade fruit pops are fun, light, healthy and refreshing. They are a perfect addition the party menu, especially on a nice summer afternoon. Fruits pops are easy to make, they require a minimum of ingredients and almost three to four hours to freeze properly. All you need is freshly pureed fruits, yogurt or cream or heavy milk. You can easily combine two or more flavors, and can also incorporate honey as a natural sweetener.

Grilled cheese sandwiches
If you’re having a party, you can make different types of grilled cheese sandwiches. You can incorporate the vegan angle or integrate the vibrant veggies with homemade meatballs. A simple cheesy grilled sandwich can also work wonders. You can also make a grilled sandwich having fresh fruits, jam or cream for kids who have a sweet tooth.

Tortilla pizzas
Instead of the regular greasy, fat filled pizza, you can make some tortilla pizzas for your kids and their friends. This is because tortilla pizzas are lighter and easier for kids to have. They wouldn’t end up feeling heavy or sluggish after having it. You can make your own tortillas, and coat the base with marinara, barbecue, or pasta sauce. You can use mozzarella or cheddar cheese, goat or feta if you want to try something new. Go crazy with the toppings, use meat or veggies, just prepare them in a healthy manner.

Chicken sliders
Mini burgers are always a joy to serve and cook, especially the ones with chicken. Chicken as a meat is extremely adaptable in terms of flavors and combinations. Whether it’s spicy, savory or sweet, it works well with almost all kinds of ingredients. And this can give you some room to experiment. In the most basic kind of slider recipe, you can incorporate vegetables, eggs, herbs, oil and breadcrumbs to the chicken patty. Then you can shallow fry it and serve it with buns. Add lettuce or homemade sauces like barbecue or mayonnaise.

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