Straight Talk cellphones

Being Straight Talk customers, you can even make a choice from 100 MB to 5 GB, as well as 10 GB plans, which rely on their data needs. Through the carrier’s core plans, you can find that data and minutes which will simply expire after 30 days. The customers can purchase the 5 GB plan in three-month, six-months, as well as one-year increments. When you buy the data in bulk, it will simply save you about $45 on the monthly plan that you choose. Straight Talk customers would also gain bonus data or additional discounts by automatically refilling their accounts.

All Straight Talk plans include unlimited texts and most plans include unlimited minutes. There are even certain international plans which cover calls to some international destinations such as Mexico, Canada, China, and India.

Straight Talk’s Network
Straight Talk is nothing but a Virtual Network Operator (Mobile), which contracts with Verizon, AT&T, as well as T-Mobile and Sprint in order to provide access to its customers in the largest nationwide networks.

The network you use usually relies on two aspects: where you stay and the phone you buy. The phone carrier presents you with phones that run over the preferred networks in that specific region. Suppose, you are in a city where many carriers have got a strong coverage, the network that you usually use will be reduced to the phone that you choose. Because some of the phone models run on CDMA networks, while others run on GSM networks.

It is better to buy Straight Talk at your local store, because it may become difficult for you to tell which network you are using before buying a phone; especially, when you buy a phone online. Hence, if using a specific network is essential to you, the best idea is to sign up in a store. Then, you can simply ask the sales representative to assist you to choose a phone that uses a particular network. Else, you can get phone on your own and buy a SIM card for your preferred network.

Bringing your own phone to Straight Talk
Straight Talk allows customers to activate their own phone over its service; however, the phone must be very compatible. You can even have an option to check Straight Talk’s website and thereby check for the compatibility.

Right from there, you can simply select if the phone is from AT&T, or T-Mobile, or you can simply check if it is of Sprint or Verizon. Further, you will be informed to enter your ZIP code and the phone’s unique identification number on the website. Once you find that your phone is compatible, you can simply purchase a SIM card or activation kit, as well as a cellphone plan, and you are on your way to availing Straight Talk’s service.


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