Steps to ensure minimum complications due to a muscle pull injury

Gorin pain due to a muscle pull or tear can be quite painful. It not only limits your movements but also causes a number of discomforts during the slow recovery period. Groin injuries are most common with athletes and people who are involved in physical activities that require a repetitive action to be performed.

Medical attention is advised in case of a groin pain if the symptoms are persistent and unable to bear. However, there are a few steps which you can follow to ensure that the injury doesn’t don’t lead to any other complications.

  • You will know immediately if you have pulled a muscle resulting in groin pain, which is why it is imperative to stop all activities and take rest. Most people will try to walk it off in anticipation that the muscle pull might recover, but this will only aggravate the condition and can lead to severe muscle tear as well.
  • Muscle tear will result in long-term damage and restricted mobility which is why it is a good idea to stay put and not make any sudden movements. RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) method is the best first aid strategy to provide temporary relief before proper medical treatment can be administered.
  • When the swelling subsides, and the pain seems to be bearable, perform certain gentle stretching exercises to allow the muscle to flex and release the tension. However, this has to be done only after proper ice and compression has been applied to the injury. Visit a physician immediately after a couple of light stretching exercises.
  • Exercises are broadly divided into stretching exercises and strengthening exercises. Stretching mainly includes seated short groin stretch, seated long growing stretch, hip flexor stretch and swinging leg stretch. Strengthening exercises include bent knee adductor, straight leg adductor exercise, hip adduction against gravity and hip adduction with resistance bands. These exercises should be performed under proper supervision at first, and your general physician can guide you through the routine to be then followed at home.
  • There are many over the counter medications for pain relief, however, for more severe injuries surgery is the last option. As they rightly say, prevention is better than cure; you can reduce the chances of pulling your groin muscles by performing warm-up exercises before any heavy workout or sports activity. Preparing your muscles beforehand will ensure a good workout and minimize the risk of any injury for that matter, allowing you to focus on your routine.

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