Six types of psychic readings

A psychic reading is a modern form of an ancient practice called divination. Psychic readers are commonly referred to as “fortune tellers” because they are believed to foretell destiny. However, a genuine psychic is a person with an extra sensory perception (ESP), which means that he/she is able to “sense” or “read” things for information using unusual places or mediums.

Mentioned below are some types of psychic readings:

This psychic reading is performed with the help of images and visions that are related to a person’s daily life. Clairvoyants provide information and perceive the future by tapping into a person’s energy along with the details of their past and present.

Spirit animals
It is said that spirit animals are where an individual’s particular traits come from. The spirit animals symbolize the personality and skills that an individual might have developed over the years. A psychic reader relates the person’s emotions, linking it with his/her spirit animal, helping them find the true path in life.

The human aura
A psychic uses a person’s aura to discover emotional energy, thoughts, and memories. The human aura tells a lot about an individual’s personality. It can also include energies belonging to friends and family members. An aura reading helps in determining things that are blocking positive energies and hindering growth. Clearing and cleansing from negativity can help one in setting on a better path.

This type of psychic reading can reveal details about past, present, and future events in a person’s life by reading the lines on the palms of a person.

This type of psychic reading can help in determining a path in a person’s life based on his/her birthdate, name, and sometimes, even on the basis of the time of birth. Psychics believe that these details have a prominent effect on one’s life, personality, and future.

A psychic reading that refers to the psychic’s ability to foretell future events based on the physical, spiritual, and intuitive medium by tuning into the energy around the person in question.


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