Side-effects that come with CLA supplements

CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid is produced from linoleic acid. The fatty acid goes through a process to gently convert into a conjugated linoleic acid. A naturally sourced fatty acid, it is found in meats such as beef and dairy products. CLA is known to affect weight-loss and is lauded for other health benefits too.

Belonging to the group of omega fatty 6 acids, CLA performs vital body functions and is essential for maintaining optimal health conditions. The benefits of CLA include reducing cholesterol levels, decreasing body fat, preventing cancer, strengthening immunity and more. Thus, it is no wonder that brands are now proliferating the market with CLA supplements. But how safe are these supplements? Before going ahead with the consumption of CLA in the form of supplements, it is essential to understand the side-effects that come attached:

Fatigue Following the intake of CLA supplements, one is likely to feel fatigue immediately. The drowsiness makes one feel sleepy for longer hours, and thus, you may need to sleep for longer hours than you would usually do. Also, the increase in fatigue causes lack of attentiveness during the day and can bring a halt to daily activities.

Abdominal pain A lot of people report pain in the abdomen after taking CLA supplements. The discomfort causes a feeling of nausea and the urge to vomit. This leads to a loss of appetite, at least for a short while. If the pain does not subside in a while, one must visit a doctor before the development of more stomach-related issues.

Diarrhea The CLA supplement can irritate or inflame the walls of the intestine. This leads to an irregular bowel movement or diarrhea. Severe stomach pain also accompanies the side-effect. If the condition persists, the body can suffer from dehydration and other symptoms such as a headache and dizziness.

People who suffer from any illnesses should not consume CLA supplements as it can interfere or aggravate the condition. According to studies, this is especially true in the case of people who suffer from diseases that are related the health of the heart and diabetes. The supplements can have harmful effects on the blood vessels and reverse the benefits of CLA. Also, it can increase the sugar levels and worsen the symptoms of diabetes.

One should always consult a medical professional before taking CLA supplements to avoid unwanted side-effects. Additionally, CLA is found in natural foods such as beef, dairy, and eggs that are considered to be safer ways of reaping the benefits of CLA.

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