Safety concerns you should consider while buying kids toys

The definition of what can be deemed safe when it comes to buying kids’ toys from the market will entirely depend on the type of the toy, and more importantly, if you are buying it for a boy or a girl. Although toy manufacturing companies adhere to safety norms set by international standards, it is your duty to ensure your child’s safety.

Toys form an important part of your kid’s childhood. Kids’ toys are designed to promote cerebral development and growth through engagement and activity. But nowadays, toy manufacturers are cutting corners to make more profits by using cheap and substitute materials that can be potentially harmful.

Safety concerns to be taken into account while buying kids’ toys

  • Ensure that the toys are made out of non-toxic and lead-free materials as children have a habit of putting toys in their mouth, thereby increasing the chances of ingesting harmful chemicals
  • Always buy from brands that adhere to international safety standards for making kids toys
  • You should buy toys that are age-appropriate, which means you cannot expect a four-year-old child to appreciate a Nintendo Game Boy that has been designed for pre-teen enjoyment
  • If you are buying toys for infants and toddlers, ensure that they are big in size and there is no risk of accidentally swallowing the pieces
  • Avoid buying tiny marbles, coins, and balls that can get lodged in the throat accidentally
  • If you are buying riding toys for kids like walkers, rocking horses, and wagons, ensure that there is a harness or a safety strap to secure your child in a seated or standing position
  • Check if the toys can manage the weight of your child and withstand impact to a certain degree
  • Battery-operated toys must have secure cases that cannot be opened by children

As a parent, it is also your duty to report unsafe toys that can be potentially dangerous and cause an injury. Contact the hotline number available on the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website to report unsafe toys and details about the manufacturer. The CPSC is a government platform where information about product recalls and the reason behind products being recalled is available for your reference. It is a good reference source to ensure you don’t end up buying kids’ toys that are deemed unsafe by the CPSC.

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