Popular laser spine institute locations

Laser spine institutes across the country continually work towards bringing pain relief to sufferers with common and chronic spine conditions. As opposed to traditional surgery, Laser Spine Institutes are pioneers of minimum invasive spine surgery that serves as a safe and effective solution to open back surgery. What’s best, Laser Spine Institute has seven outstanding surgery centers across various locations throughout the country. Check out some of the most popular Laser Spine Institute locations that have strategically been located to provide relief to more and more patients across the country.

Laser spine institute Tampa, Florida
Set amidst the bustling business district of Westshore, laser spine institute has its headquarters and surgery center in Tampa. The institute is a leading provider of laser surgery for spinal stenosis and continues to bring excellent surgical facilities to several patients across the globe. This state-of-art center provides the best care and medical attention to ailing patients with chronic neck and back pain. The center has world-class facilities including a care team that provides you with a welcome packet and itinerary, a clinical exam room, patient caf, spinal diagnostic center, advanced spine motion imaging, guided tour before-surgery, a comfortable recovery area, amongst other services.

Laser spine institute at Scottsdale, Arizona
This center is AAAHC accredited and is committed to provide highest quality of health care service to patients and their attendees. The center spans 25,000 square feet and houses specially designed suites to make patients feel comfortable and relaxed. This center is the largest among the centers located at other locations. At Scottsdale center, health care experts are dedicated to help thousands of patients quickly recuperate post-surgery.

Laser spine Institute at Philadelphia
This exceptional health care center is a Planetree-gold level facility that focusses at the highest level on patient centered care, relief and comfort. This facility has the best of frontline staff, leadership teams, medical supervisors, family advisors and board members that work unanimously to recapture the quality of life of all their patients. The center has topnotch provisions for patients and their dear ones in terms of refreshment centers, patient cafes, reflection rooms and state-of art medical facilities like operating rooms, examination clinics, diagnostic areas and the like. What’s more, all these services are all-inclusive with several other amenities. This center offers minimal invasive laser surgery for spine stenosis and other chronic spine ailments. These surgeries are not only an excellent alternative to the traditional open back corrective ones but also offer minimum risk of infection and maximum satisfaction to patients and their loved ones.

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