Perks of air travel

Air travel is by far one of the fastest and easiest ways to travel from one point to another. While planning a trip, most of us like to first check out the air travel fares for the destination so that we can see if we can get there in the easiest possible way. Getting the best possible fares is a matter of scanning various air travel portals where you can get great deals along with related options like hotels and tour packages. If you book on time, well before the actual date of your air travel, you can actually get cheap and very reasonable fares.

When we travel by air, especially if it is a long distance trip or a trip across international borders, there are a number of perks that we can enjoy in flight. Many of us may not know about these. Here is a list of things that you can ask for during air travel.

Medication: Most of the airlines have first aid kits and a few common over-the-counter drugs that they store on the flight for emergency purposes. This is especially helpful in case you suddenly come down with allergic reactions or in the unlikely event that you hurt yourself. The airline crew will also be able to give you medicines for fever and headaches as well as an upset stomach. You can ask them for the same with a quick round up of your symptoms so that they are able to give you some comfort instantly.

Extra meal: In case you need an extra meal and you have not specified the same while booking your ticket, the airline can help you out mid-air. The airline always has extra meals on hand and will be able to provide the same in case your first meal did not suffice. This is also helpful in case you need to eat some food, before you ingest medication. Most airlines always have extra meals and items that they can serve at a moment’s notice.

Taking care of your children: If you suddenly need some warm milk or fruit for your child, you can easily ask the airline staff and they will provide the same for you. Most flights have such supplies on hand for emergency purposes. Also, most flight attendants will happily take care of your small children in case they are too cranky during take-off and landing or if they are restless in long-distance routes. You can ask them to handle the children if you are suffering from motion sickness as well. Further, the airlines usually hand over small toys and activity kits to children as soon as they board the flight. This helps in keeping the children occupied during the flight.

Wine tasting: On most airlines, you can also ask to taste your wine before you take a bottle or a glass.

Air Travel

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