Let your babies go mobile with baby strollers

While traveling, to keep your baby safe and comfortable, you need a stroller. For buying a stroller you do not have to shell lot of money. You can find the best baby strollers at a decent price. Strollers come in various price range and offer different features. As new parents, you may be confused to make the right choice. Don’t get anxious. Our guide will help you to choose the right one for your child. Always buy a stroller that is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).

For newborns:
You need a special baby stroller when you are travelling with your newborn. Until the baby is 6 months old, you need a carriage that can fully recline to support the infant.

Travel system:
Most of the first time parents prefer to go for a travel system that comes with a car seat and can snap into the stroller. Once the baby starts to sit up, the stroller can be used to move the baby around.

Jogging stroller:
For the new mothers who want to get back into shape immediately after delivery, jogging strollers are an excellent option. They have a sporty look and come with three wheels, making it easy to push while jogging. Do not buy this until you are very serious about jogging.

Umbrella stroller:
If your baby is older than 6 months, go for an umbrella stroller. It is very light weight and is perfect to carry while handling a toddler.

How to buy the right baby stroller
Before shopping for your first stroller, set a budget. It will make it easy for you to narrow down your choices. You can go for a super deluxe stroller from popular brands between the price ranges of $100 to $300 range. Things you need to test before making a purchase include the following:

Make sure the stroller you are buying fits into the trunk or the back seat of your car.
Ensure opening and closing of the stroller is easy.
It should be convenient for you to lift and carry the stroller when it is open or folded.
There should be enough storage room to fit the baby gear in the stroller.
Check for cup holders and a snack tray.
Ensure that you can adjust the backrest easily.
Fastening and unfastening the harness should be simple.
It must come with easy-to-use brakes and swivel lock mechanisms?
The handle height and the grip should be comfortable for you.
Warranty and return policy:
The warranty offered by most manufacturers cover flaws and poor workmanship. It does not cover the malfunctions. If you happen to buy a defective baby stroller, you can get it replaced at the store where you bought it from. Buy a stroller from a store that offers long-term return policy and keep the packaging safe until you are completely satisfied with your purchase.


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