Laptop locks for various advanced Thinkbooks and notepads

When it comes to the security of the laptops and computers, there should not be any compromise as the data in these personal devices is very crucial. The Targus DEFCON CCL Coiled Cable Lock is one of the laptop security locks that allows users of the computer or laptop from potential theft.

The Targus DEFCON CCL lock is designed in such a way that it can protect the laptop and desktop from theft. It is a 6 ft cut-resistant steel cable which is coiled. This galvanized steel cable can be looped around an object which is strong and which can be easily attached to the laptop’s lock slot.

As the laptop lock is in a colied form it is very much easy to carry this lock. As the laptop lock is smaller in size, it is also easy to store the cable. The DEFCON CCL has an advantage of being able to set to 10,000 possible combination settings which increase the security of the laptop. This lock can be used in the office, school, dorms, hotel rooms or anywhere there is a risk of potential theft.

The Kensington MicroSaver Security Cable Lock is another one of the laptop security locks which can be used to lock 15-inch laptop, 16-inch laptop or 17 inch laptop. This laptop lock from Lenovo gives an extra level of security to the laptops. The laptops or notebooks are locked to an object physically which increases the security of the devices.

The Kensington Microsaver locks are made of strong steel and the carbon and steel composite cable. The T-bar lock gives a superior strength and provides an extra protection from potential theft. The Microsaver lock is designed in a sleek style and this helps in using the lock as it won’t block the other ports of the laptop or notebook. The Microsaver lock is easy to use in the office, college or while traveling. This lock is compatible to use with the Thinkpad notebooks, ThinkCentre desktops etc.

The Lock Bracket Kit is another laptop security locks which helps in protecting the laptops and desktops. The Wedge Bracket Locking System designed for Apple’s MacBook Air is designed with a cutting-edge technology. The lock is designed with the aluminum bracket and the security slot which is in shape of a wedge.

This laptop lock is designed in a slim design. The slim bracket of the lock which is designed in an extremely lighter manner helps in securing the MacBook with the screws especially provided to secure the laptop. Maclock MBA lock bracket kit helps in protecting the laptop or notebook and especially the MacBook Air. The lock is designed in a loop ended manner which is made from galvanized steel which can be used the laptop or desktop in an anchor point or can be used to lock by looping around an object.


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