Is it safe to use mobility scooters?

Mobility scooters offer a convenient mode of transport to people with disabilities. These electric devices are generally safe to use.

But, like any other means of transport, there are some safety issues to consider while using a scooter.

  • Using a mobility scooter requires arm and shoulder strength and faculties to steer the vehicle properly. The individual might have to cross the road, reverse the scooter and manage bumps on the path. Also, the person will need strength to dismantle a folding mobility scooter or have someone else do it.
  • Consult a primary healthcare provider before deciding to buy a scooter. Electric scooters are ideal for those who can use the scooter without any help. So, one needs to be strong enough to use a scooter. Also, if the person intends to ride it on the road, a good vision is a must.
  • Research different scooter styles and features to choose the right folding mobility scooter. One has to ponder on the question whether they need a lightweight folding mobility scooter or a vehicle with greater weight capacity. If the purpose of the scooter is to allow the person to travel with ease, it is advisable to opt for a with lights, horns and with better speed capabilities (at least 6-8 mph).
  • Without appropriate features, it might not be safe to use these scooters. For instance, if an individual wants to use the scooter for grocery shopping, the vehicle should endure the person’s weight and any other extra weight on it. If the person is unable to dismantle the folding mobility scooters, it would be better to opt for some other model.
  • With any vehicle use, there comes the need for its proper maintenance. A folding mobility scooter is nothing different. Care has to be taken while one dismantles and reassembles. Any breakage can become a safety hazard. Optimum wheel pressure must be maintained for greater security. Also, follow the user manual carefully.

It is vital to be very careful when using a scooter irrespective of whether one uses it indoors or outdoors.


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