Ingrown toenail while hiking/trekking prevention

Hiking and trekking are the ultimate adventures you can do on your own feet. People do it for many reasons but the main reason is to stay fit and be happy. Hiking and trekking are for nature lovers who want to be as close to nature as possible. One thing hikers and trekkers are highly exposed to is many foot problems including ingrown toenails. That makes it important for every hiker to know how to prevent them.

An overall care for your feet will give you a rest from potential ingrown toenails and other problems such as blisters and related injuries.

Your feet are your only means of transport when you are hiking. And hiking involves lot of walking on the route you normally do not walk on. In such case, it becomes essential for you to take good care of your feet. To make sure your feet are well protected while you hike, you need to take care of few things, including your shoes.

Shoes while hiking have to be perfect in their fit. If your boots are too tight, it will give you pain in the foot while walking down. Something loose with just not let you hike properly at all. The best way to get the right shoes is to go to the nearby outlet and get help from the people in the store. Avoid buying these shows online where you cannot put them on before buying.

Clip the toenails the right way before you head for hiking or trekking. Cut the toe nails straight and not curvy. Angling of sides of the nail will give way for toenails to grow in the direction of the skin.

Keep your feet healthy by using creams and powders on them. Before you head for hiking or trekking, carry a foot cream that you have been using for a while or that you find is right for your skin.

Avoid fully cotton socks. Because cotton absorbs all the sweat but dries it slowly. Wet cotton socks stay we for long and give foot problems. Also, carry extra socks with yourself in those trips.

If you notice an ingrown toenail while you are already out there, then insert a small cotton ball under the grown portion of your nail.

You do not have to invest a lot of time preventing ingrown toenails, but little preparation will help stay away from a lot of discomfort.

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