Importance of services in the commodity market

Launching a product in the market without a proper hold on the servicing of the product is like launching a kite without a string attached to it. Since the inception of the idea of services, it has become impossible for one to imagine a world without the existence of service. Any and all products laid out on the shelf of a super market depends its success and market value over the kind of services attached to the mainframe of the commodity. Without the presence of any element called service, any and all value of a product will hold no ground. In the modern market, service is considered as a parameter which helps consumers and the market decide the bankability of any product.

Let’s explore some examples of services and how it becomes an important part of business and over all being for the product. The streets of any human occupied colony would be full of cars, buses, and other forms of transportation, when one purchases any of these vehicles, service is an extremely important factor that they look up to. We have known to purchase deeds or contacts for certain vehicles providing complimentary servicing of the vehicle through a certain period of miles covered by its wheels, hence helping us not to worry too much about the initial cost of maintenance. These forms of services make sure that the vehicle functions properly and that all part in the machinery is intact as promised to the customer while purchasing the product. This shows how service helps any company upkeep the assurance it provides to any and all customers they serve.

The same category of service structure is followed for any and all kinds of appliances sold in the market. The word guarantee and assurance have attached themselves to the commodity market in such a way that it has become a driving force for customers and manufacturers. Any kind of issues faced by customers who have purchased an appliance can avail themselves to the service center set up by the respective manufacturer. These kinds of services are most of the times given complimentary for certain span of time, post which a minimal fee is charged depending the kind of damage the product endures.

Rather than the product defining the kind of service provided, it’s the service that defines the dependability of the commodity.


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