How to maintain Room and Board Furniture

It is rightly said that elegance of furniture is maintained only when care is taken off on a regular basis. This also applies to Room& Board furniture, and if you care about maintaining the same carefully, it will definitely last long. Below are listed some tips which you should keep in mind so that the Room & Board furniture remains in its best shape for times to come.

Water and mild dish soap:
If you wish to maintain the finish of Room & Board furniture for a longer time, use warm water and mild dish soap to clean the same. However, ensure that you do not soak the furniture in water. Alternatively, the cleaning can be done with a small brush in areas which are hard to reach otherwise. The dirt from the surface can be wiped out with the help of a light cloth, and the left residue can be wiped again with a cloth sprinkled with light water.

Use soft paste wax:
After the first round of cleaning with the help of water and mild soap has been done, a good quality soft paste wax can be used. A thin coat of the same can be applied to the Room & Board furniture. Wait for five minutes before wiping it off with a light brush. After another 30- 60 minutes, the same can be brushed off with some more vigor.The beautiful shine which returns after that on your Room & Board furniture will remain for long.

Save the furniture from bright sun:
Exposing the Room & Board furniture to the strong sun will also result in a lot of unwanted damage. The furniture will fade and dry out in the long run. This will eventually shrink even the best of the wood and can cause a crack. Therefore, the Room & Board furniture should be placed in a location where exposure to the sun is limited, and the furniture can remain safe.

Don’t place near heating units:
At times, the furniture is placed near a vent or heating unit. The heat will cause your Room & board furniture to dry out at a faster pace, and this will create a lot of cracks in the furniture. Therefore, to keep it safe and usable for a longer time, do not place the furniture near any heating unit.

Do not use excess polish and paints:
The advertising world is very strong and comes up with campaigns which encourage the users to try out different polishes and paints. However, once you have tried the above-listed measures to safeguard your Room & Board furniture, there is no further need to apply any other additional polish or paint on the surface of the furniture.


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