How to choose the perfect winter coat

Every season comes with its own set of battles. With summer, you must decide how to balance between style and comfort in heat. Spring and fall are indecisive, you never know when you might need a summery dress or a long sleeved top and scarf. Then finally when it’s the winter, you need to somehow be chic and warm at the same time.

It is important that you start your search for your perfect coat as early as possible. If you have newly arrived in a new city, you may not yet know how cold it may get as you haven’t experienced it. So, investing in a high quality ladies coat will always be wise so you’re not caught out in the cold. The task of the winter coat is to make you feel snug and warm while allowing you to be as stylish as possible. But for this goal to be achieved, you will have to choose the right winter coat for your needs. Here are a few tips to follow while choosing the best coat.

Look for the right material
Your first task is to read through the label very carefully. Just because you have found a coat from an expensive fashion house, doesn’t mean that it will do the job of keeping you warm. If it gets too cold, polyester doesn’t offer as much warmth as wool or a wool-blend. It is important to ensure that you get yourself something that will be able to keep you warm and dry.

Be patient and wait for the right coat
You may find something which you like, but if it doesn’t fit you, don’t buy it. Ill-fitting jackets won’t offer the warmth and water-tight fit you need. Don’t be discouraged with failures; there’s something better waiting right for you.

Make sure you can layer underneath: Your coat should fit you in such a way that you can put on sweaters underneath. When you go shopping, ensure you are wearing layers underneath so you can feel what it’s like. If that’s not practical, don’t buy the tightest fit available. Having insufficient space so you can’t move your arms is tremendously uncomfortable.

Know your body shape: It is important to know what works for you and for this, you will have to know your body type. It will help you choose the best winter coat in terms of the length, sleeve type, and neckline. Additions such as hood, collar, and waist ties should also be considered. This will help in ruling out the array of jackets that don’t suit you.

Pockets: A ladies coat which doesn’t have pockets will not be as functional as one with. After all, where will you keep all your essential belongings?

These few tips will help you choose the best ladies coat which will last you for many seasons.


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