How kitchen canisters have reshaped storage organization

The want to have essential necessities organized in and around one’s living space has grown alongside human population since the time the human civilization has realized that they are the most advanced to walk the land on earth.

Having understood how canisters came to being and how it found its way to our homes, it is an interesting trip to comprehend how important a part of our daily life it has become. Since the time canisters first entered the small scale commercial market and from the moment a nearby general store started keeping a stock of these canisters, there was absolutely nothing that could stop the commodity to reach every corner of the world and in every shape of use.

As also established by research of the product and the path it took when canisters entered our homes to aid systematic organization, it’s known well that the kitchen was the first place one needed a product like canisters to store goods and this is where canisters will be used to the best of their capability.

Tracing it’s need from the pre-canister era, when commodities like rice, flour, pulses, beans and other packaged goods would be stored in cloth bags and pouches, otherwise called as sacks. The goods, would never be in the safest of condition when stored inside these pouches. It was impossible to make the knot tight enough to create an air tight environment where the stored item will be affected the least from the perils of temperature change and other elements in the air.

It would be impossible to keep the produce safe from water and dust damage as the cloth would be permeable to such agents around themselves. Having kept grains in the sacks would give no solace that it will prevented from infestation by rodents and pests. The cloth, no matter how good the quality of the material would be, it would still be no barrier to commonly founds pests and other organisms that would want to feed on what’s kept inside, which then becomes unfit to be consumed by humans.

These were the first list of pointers that compelled the move of canisters from the industrial sector to household maintenance. At one go, all the issues faced by the previous method of storage were eliminated, which provided a huge boom to the companies that took upon the manufacturing of household canisters.

Today we find canisters in much more advanced states than how it would be sold in its beginning days. We find versions which are microwave period and some have the capability to insulate hot and cold items stored inside them.

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