Home treatments for Baker’s cyst

A bag of fluid when forms a lump behind the knee, it is called a baker’s cyst. The fluid that is produced by the joint lining protects the joints and keeps them lubricated. Fluid creates a lump when it leaks from the synovial sac and accumulates outside the joint behind the knee causing a lump.

Meniscal cartilage of the knee’s tear causes baker’s cyst to happen. Sometimes, in older people, knee arthritis also causes this problem. Rheumatoid arthritis and other knee problems are responsible for baker’s cyst as times.

If you have notice a bulge in the back of your knee and you feel some pain in that area along with less to no flexibility, you probably have a baker’s cyst. If you have arthritis then a doctor’s attention and treatment is required.

Baker’s cyst treatments do not always need medical attention as the cyst goes away on its own. You can however try some of these below mentioned home remedies for treating the cyst:

Physical therapy: Stretching is one such exercise when you can sit, lie down or stand while performing them. You can sit on a chair and try to touch the feet of your affected leg without bending the leg. Same can be done when you are standing, however, you can place the leg on a chair so it does not strain your joints while getting stretched. When you are lying down, try to bring your leg up without bending. You can hold your calf for support.

R.I.C.E: This is an abbreviation for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. This is one of the most common baker’s cyst treatments and also the most effective. You rest out and do not get involved in much physical activity. Put and ice pack on the cyst as that will help with the swelling. Apply the pack for 10 to 20 minutes thrice a day. If you notice any reduction in swelling, conclude with a heat pack. Make sure that you do not apply any of the cold or heat packs directly. Always envelope them with a towel so they don’t touch your skin or cyst directly. Compression is wrapping the cyst or your entire knee with a bandage (elastic) as that helps with the swelling. The bandage shouldn’t be too light or lose. Put it on for couple of hours. Talk to your doctor if you need to keep it on for longer than two days. Elevation is when you put your leg on a pillow every time you are sitting or laid down. This too helps with the swelling.

OTC medicines: Some over the counter medicines you can try for baker’s cyst treatment are ibuprofen, acetaminophen and aspirin. If none of these medicines and other treatments are helping, consult your doctor to get medical baker’s cyst treatment.


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