Here is how to stop flatulence with 4 easy ways

Today, most people are guilty of following an unhealthy lifestyle. We indulge in a lot of foods that do not do much good to the body. This, in turn, results in flatulence, resulting in a painful and embarrassing situation. There is no denying that people go through flatulence on several days of their life. While some may contain it, some may do it, we can not really contain it. Can we?

Flatulence is a natural process. It is a result of an excess buildup of gas in the stomach and intestines. The gas build-up leads to increased bloating that may be accompanied by mild or severe stomach pain. The pressure has to be relieved and thus, passes out through the rectum in the form of flatulence. So, how to stop flatulence? One may not be able to stop flatulence, but it can be reduced to a large extent.

Here is how to stop flatulence by following the 6 easy steps:

Don’t drink when eating – You may have always been scolded by your grandma when drinking water in between your meals. This is because, when you eat your stomach produces different kinds of acids, however, drinking liquids causes a loss of these acids and food is not broken down properly. It is best to drink water 30 minutes before or after your lunch.

Eliminate sugars – Sweetened foods or artificial sweeteners have a major role to play in the build-up of gas and can also aggravate the formation of infection in the intestinal tract. This leads to gassiness and flatulence in turn. Consuming acidic foods such lemons, cranberries, etc are good ways to stop flatulence.

Exercise – Exercising is beneficial to your body in a number of ways. However, how to stop flatulence using exercise? Keeping the body physically active helps in improving the functions in the digestive system and also regulates a healthy bowel movement. This keeps the formation of gas and bloating at bay.

Avoid fiber foods – Fibrous foods are essential for maintaining a healthy digestive process, however, there are some high-fiber fruits and vegetables that lead to the increase of gas in the abdomen. The trick is to eat these foods in proportion and maintain proper diet plan.

Although it is tough to be serious about flatulence, there can be underlying reasons that should be addressed if flatulence is experienced daily. Consulting a medical professional will help in understanding and treating the issue.


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