Got a new cat home? Here’s how to name your cat

Cats have always been revered animals. Known as “Mau” in ancient Egyptian culture, cats were considered sacred. They were worshipped by the ancient civilizations. Various studies based on DNA comparisons state that cats were first domesticated around 10,000 years ago. The Egyptians gave the felines equal importance as humans. This is evident from the mummified remains of cats and kitten found from different parts of Egypt.

Along with heaving a reverential status, cats were considered useful pets that kept away pests and rodents away from the house. Although the worship of cats as gods have declined over the ages, they are still one of the preferred pets among many. Not as attached as dogs, cats are still considered to be elegant and poised creatures that have their way of showing affection towards their owners. If you are cat-lover and have just brought home a new kitten, you are probably wondering about names for cats. Here are a few ideas for names for cats that might help you out:

  • The gender of your cat: There certain names that are suitable for only a specific gender, such as Bambi, Blossoms, Cookie, Juniper, Tinkerbell, and Trixie. There are names suitable only for male cats: Elvis, Fonzie, Houdini, Rumi, Simba and so on. There are unisex names for cats that are suitable for both genders; these include Nibbles, Cuddles, Pixie, Snowball, Velvet, and so on.
  • Observe your cat’s personality traits: The most suitable names for cats are those that suit their personality traits or physical appearances. If your cat likes to snuggle a lot, “Snuggles” would be an appropriate name. Or if your cat is quite restless all the time, perhaps the name “Wiggles” would be apt? If you cat has multi-colored fur, the name “Taffy” would be suitable.
  • Keep a short name: Cats cannot remember long names. They naturally respond to names that resemble a specific sound. A long name such as Sir Snigglemuch Puffykins Bardo would be confusing to your cat. The most suitable names for cats are single words with minimal syllables. Most cats prefer and response to names that end with the “ee” sound.
  • Funny names: If you are feeling adventurous and if your cat responds well, you can try out funny names for cats. You can name you feline based on your favorite TV show or movie character; for example, if you like F.R.I.E.D.N.S, you can name your cat Joey or Phoebe. Or if you are game for pun names for cats, you can name your cat as Clawdia, Whispurr, Tabbytha, and so on.


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