Foot corns- the root cause of foot pain

The human body, designed with various intricacies, is extraordinary in itself. Each part of the body has a purpose and they function in collaboration with each other so that we can execute our daily activities without any hassles. Each part of the body has a part to play that makes it indispensable. Our worst nightmares come true when our movement is impaired or we fall sick and thus, we cannot perform simple activities like walking, eating, reading, etc. The list is endless.

People who lead a busy and hectic life suffer endlessly when their bodily functions betray them. They become distressed when faced with the inability to walk or when they experience a shooting pain in their feet when they make attempts for the same. In such cases, muscle cramps are a common cause, but mostly, the culprit identified for causing unbearable pain is corns. Most of us know that corns are hardened skin that develop on our feet and cause discomfort. However, corns are much more than that.

People usually use the words “corns” and “calluses” interchangeably, but they differ from one another. Corns are hard and thickened areas of skin that appear on or between the toes. This hardened skin between the toes make walking a very painful activity. The primary difference between corn and calluses are that corns occur on or between the toes, sometimes even on the sides and calluses occur under your feet. Irrespective of whether you have corns or calluses, the main setback is that walking, a major activity, is hampered. You cannot go jogging or walk at your usual pace when you have these foot corns jutting from your toes.

Foot corns don’t pop up overnight, if you show the following symptoms, then you can conclude that the bumpy skin on your toes are corns.

  • If you see a thick, hard patch of skin growing near your toes, it indicates the onset of a foot corn
  • Your skin near your toes or between your toes becomes bumpy
  • The skin near your toes becomes flaky and dry
  • You experience pain or tenderness on or near your toes
  • These above mentioned symptoms would help you diagnose yourself with corns and then you can seek foot corn treatment at the right time.

Corns are common among those who trade style for comfort and end up wearing the wrong shoes or those who never allow their feet to breathe. In short, the friction between your feet and the footwear is the antagonist here.

If you are diagnosed with foot corn, seek proper foot corn treatment and take preventive measures by opting for comfortable footwear. You can make comfort your style statement.

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