Picture quality, HD compatibility, and DC power features of Jensen TVs

Jensen Electronics was founded in 1915. The company’s founder Peter L. Jensen was the inventor the first loudspeaker. Since then, Jensen Electronics has a successful track record of delivering innovative products and solutions with their extensive research and development in the field of electronics. Apart from Jensen, TVs by companies such as Mirage Vision, Ocosmo, Schultz, and Supersonic are gaining a name for themselves in the market.

Presently, Jensen TV has various models in the market: right from conventional CRT models that have tube-based screens, and LCD and LED/LCD screens to DVD Player and TV combos. Customers can choose according to their requirement and budget.

  • Jensen 19″ TV with DVD player
    The technical provision for operating the TV and DVD player through a single remote control is available with most models. Thus, users can enhance their experience of entertainment as they can control both units through a single remote.
  • Jensen 19″ LED DC TV
    The most important feature available in select models of Jensen TVs would be the availability of a 12V DC power input. Thus, the models can be operated using 12V batteries in the absence of AC Power source. This feature provides two practical benefits for users:
    In remote, rural areas of countries where there are perpetual issues regarding power, users can use 12V batteries for operating the TV. Thus, this model would be most suited for the places where there is less availability of AC power through the electricity supply companies.
    Similarly, aspirants can effortlessly move the TV to other places owing to the option of usability with a 12V DC power supply. This TV can be taken into vehicles and can be used for watching videos by attaching it to the DVD player and a 12V battery. Thus, users get additional flexibility owing to this fantastic feature.
    Jensen 32″ LCD AC TV
    Another salient feature of Jensen TVs is the fantastic audio options as it can be operated in combination with an amplifier, which is available in 32-inch model.
  • Jensen 24″ LED AC TV
    The bright and eye-catching display of LED/LCD screen is a great feature of this series. Pictures are much brighter thanks to energy-efficient LED technology. Thus, enhanced view and fantastic graphics quality are its added features. Thus, the users would get excellent performance.
  • Jensen 41″ LCD AC TV
    Most new wide-screen models are compatible with HDTV settings. Many DTH companies provide HD channels for high definition of color and sound quality. Users can enjoy HD channels only if their TVs are HD compatible.

Thus, Jensen TV should be our new addition or replacement at homes.

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