Easy ways to control hiccups

Hiccups can be quite annoying, and persistent hiccups can be quite painful to bear. The short spasm which is a result of the vocal chords closing up while the diaphragm contracts results in hiccups. Depending on the severity of the condition, hiccups can last from a few minutes to a few hours.

In some rare cases, people have been known to suffer from intractable hiccups which will last beyond thirty days. However, if your child or a newborn infant is suffering from hiccups, immediate attention and remedy should be administered to ensure minimal discomfort. There are a number of ways to cure hiccups.

How to stop hiccups in infants: Hiccups in infants are not so common. However, it is better to be prepared for the same.

  • If you are feeding the infant, and the baby starts to get hiccups, it would be a good idea to stop feeding. Making the baby burp is a good idea since burping will release the gas which might just be the cause of hiccups.
  • Using a pacifier might just work as a good solution for curbing hiccups in infants. The baby will be busy with the pacifier which keeps the diaphragm relaxed thus reducing chances of hiccups.

How to stop hiccups in adults: Adults will be more adept at handling hiccups, since as adults we can understand better and take action. A few simple home remedies include the following:

  • Have a glass of water, but don’t drink it in the usual way. Instead, cover your ears and drink water using a straw. This action will mimic you swallowing down hiccups as a way to suppress them but has been proven to work well after a couple of attempts.
  • A teaspoon of salt, followed by some water will help with hiccups. This combined with short breaths and relaxed breathing will help control the spasming and contracting. You can also try something sweet like a teaspoon of sugar instead.

How to stop hiccups in your pets: Humans are not the only ones who can get hiccups, pets tend to experience the problem also. Dogs, in particular, will face the problem so try and relax them when the hiccups start, control their food and drinking intake during the time. Also, make sure that the dog’s vaccinations are up to date and check for any respiratory conditions that might be causing hiccups. Periodical visits to the veterinarian will ensure your pet’s good health.

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