Clawfoot bath tubs for your dream bathroom

From basic bare designs to unimaginable luxury, today’s bathtubs offer a range of style, sizes, materials and features. While compared to ordinary drop in tubs, clawfoot tubs are among the most iconic fixtures in a bathroom. They are elegant, sophisticated, traditional, and classic. They set both an antique and modern look to your bathroom.

Types of clawfoot tubs

Traditionally, clawfoot tubs were made of cast iron and porcelain. However, the modern tubs are made of acrylic and are highly durable in nature. Clawfoot tubs come in various sizes and types. Following are some types of acrylic clawfoot tubs:

Clawfoot slipper tubs: These tubs are an appropriate solution for every dream bathroom. The slipper clawfoot tubs have soft edges and curves that give complete relaxation and comfort while bathing.

Roll rim clawfoot tubs: These tubs resemble the original tubs of the 19th century. The sunset and Victorian clawfoot tubs create a great style and ambience in your bathroom.

Dual-ended clawfoot tubs: These tubs are yet another class of tubs created out of the old-fashion charm. The eclipse and roman clawfoot tubs make your bathroom look picture perfect.

Double-ended claw-foot tubs: If you are looking to give your bathroom an exclusive look, the Vogue and Edwardian double-ended clawfoot tubs are the perfect choice. They have variable feet combination to meet your needs.

Specialty clawfoot tubs: If style is what you are looking for, the palace and prince clawfoot tubs give attention to every fine detail. You can re-discover your bathroom with these elegant tubs.

Pros and cons of clawfoot bath tubs

If you have never had a clawfoot tub and it’s your first time in purchasing one, then there are few things you need to consider before adding it to your wish list.


  • Pros: One of the best advantages of a clawfoot tubis its freedom of placement. They can be installed anywhere in your bathroom be it perpendicular, parallel or center of your bathroom. It can also be accommodated in smaller spaces to make your bathroom look more spacious.
  • Cons: Though it’s easy to install, clawfoot tubs are larger and bulkier than a standard built-in tub. They are deeper and require more water to be filled in.


  • Pros: The plumbing for clawfoot tubs are iconic as several ornate, antique and beautiful tub fillers are available for water supply.
  • Cons: The drawback to this facility is that it is extremely difficult to do the plumbing and incredibly expensive. If a clawfoot tub is installed against a wall, then there is already an existing drain and water supply. However, if you choose to keep your tub at the center, then you have to move the drainage and water supplies to the location of the tub.


  • Pros: Clawfoot tubs contain a hand shower that allows you to target areas to clean and rinse any part of the tub with ease.
  • Cons: Although they are easy to clean within, it is extremely difficult to clean around the outer surface and underneath the tub.


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