Best online brokers for stock trading in 2017

Stock trading is a tremendous responsibility upon every single person involved. And it is quite obvious that not every person who invests in stocks can be completely equipped to make all the smart choices and be benefitted by this market. No one likes to have a loss, but that shouldn’t be the reason to stop you from investing in stocks. Online brokers are available for this purpose of advising people and helping them choose the best possible options.

  • TD Ameritrade is known for its most helpful customer support and the advanced trading platforms it provides. Research is one of the major parts of their work. It also requires no account minimum to be maintained and has a trade commission set at $6.95
  • Charles Schwab is just as good as TD Ameritrade in the case of customer support, trading platforms and knowledge and research. However, depending on your needs, you could go for one of them, given that the trade commission for Charles Schwab is $4.95. But this requires you to maintain an account minimum of $1,000.
  • E*Trade will be your destination if you’re not too involved in the stock market scenario. They have a wide variety of investing products to choose from along with power trading platforms. It charges a trade commission of $6.95 like TD Ameritrade but also requires you to maintain an account minimum of $500.
  • Merrill Edge puts a lot of effort into research to find the best available option for its customers. They are equipped with ample tools, research and data to dive into the stock analysis. Similar to TD Ameritrade, it charges a trade commission of $6.95 and does not need you to maintain an account minimum.
  • Fidelity also matches Merrill edge when we talk about its capabilities. It is backed up by extensive research and ample tools to help its customers well. Although it charges a trade commission of $4.95, it also needs you to maintain an account minimum of $2,500.


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