5 Unique Pieces by RV Furniture

RV Furniture is a trusted name offering best quality furniture as well as design. They are committed towards their work and their innovative designs make them different from other furniture companies. There are many customers who need old-fashioned and unique furniture, and RV Furniture offers a wide range of traditional designs. RV Furniture delivers the best quality to its customers. Their present-day products are accessible from dealers as well. Also, they love to customize the furniture according to the need of their customers.

One big problem which commonly faced by the users is limited space, but with RV Furniture this problem is solved as they offer customized products which fit in the required space. The price of the furniture depends on the style and quality of the wooden piece. RV Furniture designs the pieces according to the requirement. You can use furniture made by RV Furniture for both indoor as well as outdoor uses.

Let us look at some products offered by RV Furniture in detail:

Oval Pedestal Table
Oval Pedestal Table comes up with an 18 x 18 base. You can purchase this table at around $334.00. Size of Oval Pedestal Table is 27W X 36L X 30H and you can expand this piece up to 48 long. This marvelous Oval Pedestal RV Dining Table looks perfect in your dining room. This table consists of a self-contained, split leaf which uses double acting glides to expand the table length from 36″ to 48″. The 18″ x 18″ base of Oval Pedestal Table is meant to stand on the floor correctly.

Space Saver Table
Size of this table is 27W X 30L X 30H and users can expand it to 40″. Usually, most tables are quite expensive, but you can purchase this piece by paying approximately $269.00. Space Saver Table consists of a simple pull out leaf which helps to extend the size of the table. Solid hardwood is used to make the Space Saver Table. For a well-designed area, the right choice of furniture is necessary as it extends the visual appeal of a space. You can easily use this table as it is handy and small. You can even put this one beside your bed as a nightstand.

Classic Mini Up Coffee Table
The cost of this coffee table is around $248.00. It is 21W X 26L X 16H in size. You can customize this table according to your space. You can put this table beside a bed, or on the couch as its small size is its great benefit. Offering snacks to guests becomes easy with the Classic Mini Up Coffee Table. You can easily clean this table too. This table supports bodily comfort as you do not feel any difficulty while using it.

Contemporary Pie End Table
This tables can be set up at any angle. The size of this table is 16W X 20L X 16H. The market value of the Contemporary Pie End Table is approximately $94.50. It is one of the most inexpensive tables in the market. You can freely put your things on this table, and set a relaxing atmosphere in your room. You can place this beside your bed or any other place, as it easily adjusts in any space. Also, it is made of good quality wood, therefore, it offers great durability.

Classic Dinette Chair
You can purchase this chair for around $107.50. You can choose your fabric accordingly to customize this chair. People usually want that their dining room to look superb, hence with the Classic Dinette Chair, you can customize it according to your needs. The size of this chair is 19H X 16D X 16W. A thick foam padding is used in this chair, and it is constructed with solid wood which makes it long-lasting.

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