Attention deficit disorder – What are the symptoms

Attention deficit disorder is a condition that is a cause of mental impairment. Normally, children are affected, especially kids who are in the age bracket of seven years. This disability is a serious condition and is progressive, thus it should be addressed in time. If left untreated, it can have a very bad effect on the maturing child’s growth.

A child affected by attention deficit disorder is unable to focus on a particular activity as the illness makes it difficult for him/her to maintain attention for a long period. This makes it difficult for them to be a part of the society.

The following symptoms are strong indicators that suggest if a child suffers from attention deficit disorder:

Hyperactivity – Children with ADD have too much of energy and thus, it makes it difficult for them to stay put in a place. They have to emit their energy in some way or the other. Thus, they begin to perform some kind of activity, whether it singing out loud or scribbling on a school book.

Take risks – An individual who shows traits of attention deficit disorder will indulge in risky activities. They do not understand the complexities or do not fear the thought of carry out a activity that is normally considered to be dangerous.

Sensations – One of the major symptoms of attention deficit disorder is that kids with this disorder are very emotional. The feelings are much stronger than that felt by a healthy child. Over a period, this further develops and the kid experiences narcosis induced-level of consciousness.

Gets irritated – Children who suffer from attention deficit disorder tend to get infuriated very easily. This is because they get irritated by their own behaviour. Their mind goes through a lot of chaos and these children are unable to handle the movements that happen around then. Thus, if they are at a crowded place such as a social event, they tend to behave inappropriately and lash out by making comments.

While it is very common for children to be distracted all the time and forget their homework, the symptoms of attention deficit disorder should be taken very seriously if noticed. Parents should pay attention to the changes in the behaviour of the child and take immediate steps to help the kid cope with condition and come out of it. Consult a medical profession will help in understanding the illness and taking appropriate steps to curb its progression.


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