Apple’s Lightest Laptop Creates a Wave in Technology Market

If you are a frequent traveler who is worried about carrying your heavy laptop along, the trouble is going to end as Apple has unleashed a new era of innovation with its lightest laptop in the series. The ultraportable laptop from Apple, MacBook is likely to change the way, you travel and it will in all likelihood become your travel partner.

Faster Processor
The new MacBook has a seventh generation Intel processor. Thus, you can expect better performance and more output from your Apple laptop.

Upgraded Graphic Chip
Integrated graphic chip has been used in MacBook which places it a step ahead of other competitors in the market. Intel HD Graphics 615 has been used in MacBook while the previous version had Intel HD Graphics 515. This makes the processing faster and consequently, you will be able to complete any given task in less time.

The 12-inch Retina screen also comes with a resolution of 2304 × 1440 which makes the screen brighter and clear for the user.

Light weight and Portable
The MacBook has always been considered as an ultraportable laptop from Apple. True to its name, the laptop weighs 2 pounds and is portable in size. This not only makes it easier to carry around but you can be sure of never missing an important presentation, just because you could not carry your heavy laptop.

Minimal Connectivity Issues
You will not find any major connectivity issues when it comes to Apple laptops. Care has been taken to keep this tradition intact in MacBook and the ultra-light laptop comes with a built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth which makes it a cherished possession.

If you wish to connect your Apple laptop to any external device as a hard drive or a printer, the same can be done through USB-C connector.

Color and Price Ranges
Apple laptop (MacBook) comes in four colors namely Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and Grey. Apple has offered a flexible price range from $1,299 to $1,599 for the laptops keeping the features in mind.

Worrying about choosing Apple laptops? Keep your worries aside and this information handy and make a smart pick.

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