Amazing paint color ideas for every room in your house

Wondering how to revamp your home with just a few shades of paint? Read on as we take you room by room and giving the best suggestions possible for the best makeover! Here are interior paint shades to die for

Entrance door
Let’s hit the easiest first – the entrance door! It surely has to be a welcoming color. How about yellow or a combination of yellow and gray? The door can be painted with a nice bright yellow with the door frame alone in gray or even white – which will help to elevate the yellow. You can choose to have a nice set of pots, painted exactly in the same shade as your door and place them on the passage leading to the door. Cherubic, isn’t it?

Let the foyer speak for itself.

Entryways are always the first impression. Make it count. Dazzling shades of royal fuchsia with pearl shades gives a surreal look to your home.

This is the heart of the home. That doesn’t mean you need to stick to white. How about figuring your favorite pastel shades? A greenish-white or yellowish green would be great choices. Some households also set for blue and white and brown and turquoise. All of them are trending paint colors.

This is where the conversation with family and friends begin. How about going for vivid colors – bright red with the mustard combination is the trending combination in the country! Imagine this shade on the coffered ceiling and the chimneypiece – they are sure to animate your dining room.

Living room
There are probably 101 ways to paint your living room. Dark and cozy or bright and airy are the only two factors that you need to keep in mind. If it is dark – it better look cozy, in the sense that it should look warm and welcoming enough and not make you depressed.

The shades used in the bedroom should help you to fall asleep faster and should also make you feel calm. How about using a shade of gray or green if possible in any color that you choose, provided they complement each other. A popular share for a bedroom is the quartz moon, that appeals to both the sexes. Just do not use peachy or over flowery colors. Stick to neutral tones.

Smaller spaces
Our attention is always on that tiny little place in our homes – our hideout and you better paint it right. A darker shade of blue and violet adds a lot of drama to this tiny space. Orange and mustard is also a great combination for such spaces.

Home and Garden

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