All You Need to Know About the Ford Fusion Sedan 2018

If you are a fan of Ford, then you would want to know about the all-new Ford Fusion 2018. This model has some magnificent features and looks that will make you excited. Ford has added some innovative technology to this all-new car. It will make you see your car as more than a means of transport.

This is a car of dreams which will make you want to buy it. All the variants and models of the Fusion are impressive from inside out. It is a combination of technology and robust performance with great looks that will give you the best experience of driving.

Given below are some of the new features of the Ford Fusion 2018.

1. Design

The Fusion 2018 is a stunning beauty that has a rear spoiler and 18-inch premium stainless wheels. The black cloth and vinyl bolster car seats are medium stone stitching. It has heated front seats. It has the power moonroof which will let you enjoy the sky. The Fusion has the rotary gearshift dial which takes less space than the traditional gear shift, which means now you have more storage space for your cup-holders and other knick-knacks.

2. Performance

The 2018 Fusion has five different trim ranging and three stunning models. It has the EcoBoost engines that enhance power and performance. The engine offers three technologies, i.e., direct injection, turbo-charging, and twin independent. This engine also provides you with features like direct fuel injection, paddle shifters, and for durability; piston cooling jets. The Fusion has the Intelligent All Wheel Drive (AWD) sensors, which will balance the torque between the rear and front wheels; this will enhance handling and can maximize traction before wheel slips. The 2018 models also have the Auto Start and Stop feature that will help you reduce vehicle emission.

3. Technology

The Ford Fusion 2018 has technology like the dual LCD smart gauge with an EcoGuide that will provide you with real-time information to enhance the efficiency of the Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid or your Fusion Hybrid. The stunning car also has the Fusion plug-in hybrid with the EV mode. This has three models and will let you choose electric, gas, or a combination of both. The Auto EV mode is an advanced feature which will switch to the gas engine as per requirement. The EV Later also saves plug-in power for future use.

4. Smart features

The Fusion 2018 has the pre-collision assist smart feature which detects pedestrians on the road and warns you if it detects a car or a pedestrian with sound alerts and flashes on the windshield.

The stunning Ford Fusion 2018 is designed for your comfort and better driving experience. Its features will give you an experience that you never had before.


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