All you need to know about the Amy Byer collection

Unless you have lived under a rock, you have heard the name of Amy Byer being synonymous with kids’ fashion in the country. Known as one of the best-selling brands of girls’ outerwear and other kids clothing in the country, Amy Byer is stylish, contemporary, and functional fashion at its best.

Amy Byer is all about kids’ clothing and yet staying in fashion, and features multiple varieties of patterns, styles, and fabrics every season. Tribal prints and patterns in bright colors such as royal blue, red, orange and monochromes are a favorite, as are striped dressed. When it comes to solids, British colors such as navy, peach, beige, and wine are popular on Amy Byer jackets, dresses, pullovers, and tops. Stripes and florals are a big hit too. Stripes, vertical and horizontal, are making their way into jackets, dresses, sweaters, skirts, etc. Floral dresses and tops are another print that has and will always remain in fashion. Whether it is smaller prints or bolder, bigger patterns, florals are here to stay. When it comes to styles, Amy Byer jackets and other collections are right on top of everything. Their exclusive collection features everything from cold shoulders, bell sleeves, off shoulders, ruffles, cowl necks, flared pants, lace patterns, fringes, halters, waterfall styles, asymmetrical hemlines to more.

However, it is the Amy Byer jackets collection that steals all the limelight. Oozing charm and style in great amounts, the collection features hooded jackets, floral and leopard prints, jackets with stylish belts, cropped jackets, and even jackets with fringes too.

What works wonders for Amy Byer is the fact that their designers are continually on the lookout for the latest styles and the newest trends and the fact that most of the clothing from the Amy Byer collection is manufactured in the country itself. This allows Amy Byer to work at lightning speed in terms of getting the latest fashion to their clothing stores and lines. Whatever be the style, trend, look and fashion, Amy Byer gets it for their customers for every fit and every budget.

Amy Byer is a division of the garment manufacturing giant Byer California, which is known as one of the leading manufacturers of garments in the country. Having been around since the year 1964, Byer California designs and sells garments under four major brand names AGB, BCX, A.BYER and, of course, Amy Byer. When it first came into operation, Byer California sold a simple white cotton blouse its first garment. It has been a roller coaster ride since then, manufacturing and selling a range of apparel that varies from junior sportswear, jackets, leggings, and sweaters to skirts, pants, and shirts. Byer California’s range of garments can be found at multiple Macy’s outlets across the country.


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