Add a spin to your classic Moscow mule

Unlike cocktails such as margaritas and mojitos, which are quite popular, Moscow mule does not figure in most people’s favored cocktail lists. Despite it being relatively unknown, the Moscow mule is one of the simplest cocktails that requires a pretty minimal number of ingredients: vodka, ginger beer, and lime.

The Moscow mule is an all-weather drink. With the zesty-ness of lemon and coolness of beer, it makes for a perfect refreshing summer drink, while the heat of vodka and ginger makes it good enough to warm you up during the winters. Here are five Moscow mule recipes. We have the classic Moscow mule recipe and four variations to add an interesting spin to this no-frills drink.

  • Classic Moscow mule: In a cocktail shaker, squeeze the juice of half a lime. Pour one ounce of vodka and four to six ounces of ginger beer. Shake it for 15 minutes. Pour the drink in a copper mug. Serve this classic Moscow mule in the mug with a slice of lime wedge placed on the rim.
  • Gin mule: This Moscow mule recipe is quite common in the UK. The reason? Gin and ginger beer are the favorites among people in that region. This variation of Moscow mule uses gin instead of vodka. The rest of the ingredients and the method to make this cocktail is the same as the classic mule recipe.
  • Mexican mule: This variation of Moscow mule works great as an alternative to your regular margarita. Replace vodka with tequila and add ginger beer. Squeeze fresh lime juice and shake everything together. Voila! Your tequila-spinned Mexican mule is ready.
  • Skinny mule: This is a lighter version of the classic Moscow mule recipe. The skinny mule does not require ginger beer, instead you use freshly grated ginger. Add about one-eighth to one-fourth freshly grated ginger with lime juice. Pour vodka and stir it. Add ice and sparkling water to have a light and refreshing skinny mule.
  • Citrus mule: This is quite a versatile variation of the Moscow mule recipe. You can use different citrus fruits to make your own version of the citrus mule. Take half an ounce of fresh lime juice and fresh lemon juice, add one ounce of orange liqueur with two ounces of ginger beer and vodka and stir everything together. Add ice and garnish with grapefruit and roughly chopped mint. You can use blood oranges, clementines or Meyer lemons as per their availability and your preference.


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