A look into the evolution of the fragrance market

The usage of fragrance producing items have been in use for the longest time. Right from the beginning of history, the fragrance market has been thriving without witnessing any downfall. Perfume and perfume-based products have always found consumers among the swish set of the society as well as among the rest.

Fragrance in older times
Fragrance-based products were first discovered in an accidental experience in Egypt during the Mesopotamian civilization. Based on what Mesopotamia had discovered, the Persians and the Romans built more on it. They were the largest consumers of perfume back in the olden days. The gifts given to royal families usually contained perfumes and fragrances. When a Mesopotamian woman scientist experimented by distilling the flowers, remains of flowers, oils and other aroma-creating and generating products, she discovered perfume. With the process of distilling over and over, the fragrances only got stronger every time she did it.

All this was done in the year 1300BC when one did not have any modern equipment nor the knowledge for producing perfumes.

Fragrance in the middle ages
It was then that the Romans and Persians expressed interest in the field of producing perfumes. They learned the process, and they even improvised on some of it according to the availability of raw products such as rose, jasmine and so on. They wanted to experiment and produce various kinds of fragrances thinking the king and queen will be pleased with their work and reward them.

Industrializing the fragrance market
The process of producing perfume soon became a household task, and people who were inquisitive started performing their own discoveries. They started to collect unconventional raw products which naturally smelt good and started experimenting. They started producing commendable quality of perfumes, and eventually trading started picking up. They even started trading it with neighboring kingdoms, thus giving rise to trading fragrances officially. The knowledge of producing quality perfumes was carried through generations.

The fragrance market today
In today’s world, producing perfumes and fragrances is a huge industry where customers line up to buy best perfumes for themselves. Paris, London, New York, Dubai etc. for instance are the topmost cities in the world to produce the greatest qualities and quantities of perfume. Customers flock to buy fragrances from these cities, which is also very expensive. Nowadays, the process of making perfumes and fragrances has been commercialized and industrialized to a great extent and it is produced in large quantities easily. However, the combination of raw products remain one of the biggest secrets and mysteries among the general public today.


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