A brief overview of Microsoft gaming platform

Microsoft launched its first gaming platform, Xbox on November 15, 2001. Microsoft game console was the initial console offered by an American Company. From the time of its first institution until the year 2006, over 24 million units of Microsoft game console were sold. They firmly established as a brand to reckon in consoles.

Different platforms in Microsoft Xbox series

  • Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox S are different platforms in Microsoft game console.
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 was a successor to Xbox. It was released in 2005 and had two tough competitorsNintendo’s Wii and Sony’s PlayStation 3. Its software in game consoles has always been unique.
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 is a seventh generation game console. Xbox 360 sale worldwide was around 78.2 million till 2013 and Xbox 360 reviews were positive. Initially, the price of Microsoft Xbox 360 was $399 approximately. Its two configurations were Xbox 360 package and Xbox 360 Core. With the release of Xbox 360, Microsoft consolidated its position in the world of game consoles. Xbox 360 prices have always been reasonable in comparison with its counterparts. Microsoft Xbox 360 was released in 36 countries in one year; no other game console had a huge market as Microsoft Xbox 360.
  • Keep a check on Xbox 360 discounts and Xbox 360 deals. Check out online for Xbox 360 sales; however, read some Xbox 360 reviews before making a purchase.
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 was released on November 22, 2013. The Xbox One contemporaries and competitors are Nintendo’s Wii U and Switch and Sony’s PlayStation 4. Xbox One prices are stealing deal after dropping of the compulsory of Kinect peripheral. Kinect Peripheral is a motion-sensing device for Microsoft Xbox 360 and Xbox One, which was launched in 2010 but its usage was discontinued in 2016.
  • Microsoft Xbox One S is the successor of Xbox One that was released in 2016.

Black Friday sales
Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving which marks the first day of Christmas purchase. Discounts and deals will be opened up for shopping enthusiasts. It is the busiest day for shoppers. You should look for Xbox 360 discounts and Xbox One discounts during Black Friday deals. It is the perfect day for Microsoft to consolidate console market with deals on all its accessories, Xbox consoles, and games. November is the month indeed to look forward. With the Black Friday discounts and inclusion of newest member Xbox One X to Microsoft game console family, it would be a perfect end to the year 2017. Reputed retailers and the digital market will have Xbox 360 deals and Xbox One discounts. Xbox 360 reviews, as well as Xbox One reviews, are very promising.

Game Consoles

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