A Brief Insight into the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Rated as one of the best phones money can buy, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has captured the hearts of many people. We all know that the S7 variant is available, but what makes the S7 Edge so special? It is the beautiful design and the fantastic specs. Read on to know more.


A quick glance at the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will help you notice its alluring curves. The well-crafted curves significantly improve the device’s usablity. The curves of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are made through a process called 3D thermoforming. It melts the 3D glass to form a curve that meets the metal alloy, which is also curved. This results in a unibody that is flawless.

But wait, there’s more! It is not only water resistant but also dust resistant. The concept of damaging your phone because of water and dust is now a thing of the past. With a rating of 68 Ingress Protection (IP), the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge can be used inside water for 30 minutes and up to a distance of 1.5 meters. You also do not have to worry about exposing your phone to a lot of dirt when you are on a road adventure.


Samsung has done a fantastic job with this phone when it comes to design. The design is not the only factor that makes the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge a behemoth among modern phones. Let us look at its hardware beyond the attractive surface.


We don’t always take a picture in bright sunlight. This makes the low light pictures that we take in our daily life somewhat unattractive. However, the S7 Edge resolves this issue. With an F1.7 lens and an image sensor at 1.4µm pixels, your photographs come out with a lot of detail, making them beautiful.

It also comes with 12 MP dual pixel camera that captures the moments of your life with accuracy. The front end camera comes with 5 MP with the same lens. The S7 Edge also boasts of autofocus, which is so fast that it can capture what you need in low light and where you are at high speed.

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is graded as professional so these are not all its features. The new vDIS (Video Digital Image Stabilization) technology makes those shaky videos that you capture end up in good quality.


The primary display comes with a size of 5.5” and a resolution of 2560 X 1440 Quad HD, which is super AMOLED. The S7 Edge can be customized to display the much-required apps at any time.

From a flashlight to your planner, you can use the S7 Edge even when the display is off. The shortcuts of the S7 Edge make this phone a grand spectacle.


If you are the person who loves gaming, then the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is your ideal choice. With an Octa-Core processor and 2.3 GHz clock speed, gaming on this phone is awesome. Needless to say, this fantastic CPU is backed with a RAM of 4GB.

You have a game launcher designed for gaming that can be customized to make your gaming experience incredible. The gaming tools can also be accessed during the game to capture your gaming moments.


Along with the awe-inspiring CPU and display, let us look at some other hardware components of this exquisite phone. To begin with, we have the battery. With 3600mAh, you can only imagine the amount of work you can do without paying attention to the battery draining.

It also comes with a fast and wireless charging. Let us not forget that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comes with a dual sim option, making it easy for the user to switch between their providers.

It also comes with a fingerprint sensor to make the overall user experience much easier. With so many features and specs, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is definitely a phone for the keepers.

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