5 reasons to choose AARP car insurance

Car insurance is one of the most primary associations with the purchase of a new car. Getting the right car insurance is important for you to ensure the safety of your car and efficient financial cover. Becoming an AARP member and taking up the AARP car insurance entitles you to new benefits that might not come with most other car insurances. Being an AARP member could also make you eligible for a few extra benefits on your car insurance. Read along to find more reasons why you must choose the AARP car insurance.

A lifetime renewability of a car insurance is not common among most insurance companies. With AARP insurance, you are guaranteed a renewal of the insurance till an age at which you can drive. To avail this benefit, you need to meet a few requirements. These requirements are as simple as maintaining an active driver’s license and timely payments of the premiums.

RecoverCare accident assistance
Once your car insured with AARP car insurance, the company also offers to take care of your injuries incurred in the accident. RecoverCare offers to provide reimbursements for the home services that you might not be able to perform because of the accident. It can help in covering basic costs like house cleaning, lawn maintenance, snow removal, food preparation, and even dog walking.

New car replacement
One of the major benefits is the car replacement policy, which replaces your new car if you crash is beyond repair in the first 15 months of purchase or the 15,000 miles. The replacement is with a new vehicle of the same model, make, and equipment. This scheme also comes with zero deduction for depreciation.

Lifetime car repair
Once you have a covered claim and use one of the 1600+ authorized repair shops, AARP car insurance will cover the repairs for as long as you can own or lease the vehicle. Along with getting quality repair for your car, you will also be saved from the hassle of looking for a trusted repair shop.

12-month car insurance rate
When you choose AARP car insurance, you are assured about the premium rate fluctuating without your notice. In fact, you are entitled to a fixed rate on the premiums for an entire year.


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