5 common side effects of Botox bladder injection

Botox, which is a known muscle relaxant, has been found to be an effective treatment for treating urinary incontinence and symptoms of overactive bladder. Administered by a trained urogynecologist or a urologist, Botox is injected into the muscles of the bladder. Sometimes, patients might suffer from serious side-effects due to Botox bladder injections. Below are some of the most common side effects that have been observed within the initial 12 weeks after the injection.

Urinary Retention
Urinary retention means the inability to empty one’s bladder. A major side effect of Botox bladder treatment, this can be treated with a catheter inserted into the bladder that helps to remove the urine.

Urinary Tract Infection
Considered to be one of the most prevalent side effects of Botox bladder injections, urinary tract infection or UTI occurs in 25% of the patients. Saline is considered to be the best solution in dealing with UTI.

The medical term hematuria refers to the presence of blood in one’s urine. It is seen that some of the people who have undergone Botox bladder injections have also complained about this side effect. One may even experience pain during urination

Suffering from insomnia or sleeplessness is another common side effect. Also, feelings of anxiety and weirdness are common after Botox bladder injection procedure. In case the sleeplessness gets serious and starts affecting one’s health, one should immediately consult the doctor.

Often, many people suffer from fatigue after the Botox bladder injections. Though the extreme tiredness and muscle weakness is not a threat to the health of the individual, it may take a toll on their daily work and activities. One can also resort to bed rest in order to deal with this after-treatment effect.

One must remember that though Botox bladder injections are given to treat various urinary issues, it may result in some serious side effects. One should immediately consult the doctor if any of these common side effects are experienced.


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