4 types of bathroom sinks to consider purchasing

Choosing a bathroom sink can be overwhelming when you have no idea where to start from. Hence, it’s important to look around and decide what’s the need. Are you going to buy a sink for a large size master bathroom that family members use or you’re opting for a powder room, who is going to use it, and of course how much space do you have to accommodate the sink? To narrow down the options for an appropriate bathroom, information is necessary to differentiate between various kinds of sinks.

Wall-mounted sink

This type of sink is appropriate for small spaces. It’s directly attached to the wall to give a streamlined look for the modern interior.

Advantages And Disadvantages: There is no cabinet that can save and make space look bigger. All the plumbing work must be done inside the wall in this case. The demerit is the absence of countertop and no storage. If storage is necessary, consider some other types of bathroom sinks.

Pedestal Sink

People like the simple wall-mounted sink, but the waste pipe has no other way but to pass through the floor; pedestal sink can be of great help in this situation.

Advantages And Disadvantages: For waste pipes that cannot be changed, this type of bathroom sink faucets is advantageous. This sink is positioned between the underside part and the floor so that the pipework can be hidden and this gives an aesthetic appeal to the room. A bit tricky to wipe because of the gap between the backside of the pedestal and the wall.

Top-mount sink

Being one of the most frequently used sinks among all, the top-mount sink is also known as a drop-in sink. It’s designed to be placed on the counter. Usually, maximum sinks are placed below the counter where only the rim portion is situated in the top position. The rim is available in slim as well as in big size and it’s dependable on the style of the sinks.

Advantages and Disadvantages: Any countertop stuff suits well with top-mount sinks whether it’s wood or laminate. The sink entirely covers the cut-out, so the risk of water damage is not present. If you’re worried about budget, this one is perfect for that as it’s not labor-intensive from cutout polishing of edges. The only demerit includes the inability to clean the water that spills directly from the counter. For minimalist uses, this one is good.

Undermount Sink

Quite the opposite of the previous one and it’s placed beneath the counter. In this case, the rim is fixed to the counter-tops underside.

Advantages and Disadvantages: Slim trim look, and it shows a very minimal portion of the sink. The water and spills are easy to remove and clean as compared to the previous one, good for family bathrooms. These sinks are pricey and can only be set against countertops with a solid surface.

Apart from the above four types of bathroom sinks, you can also use drop-in bathroom sinks, touchless faucets, vessel sink faucets and wall mount faucets, depending upon your budget.

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